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Molding / 3D-Design

The molding- processing provides completely new possibilities in the third dimension. The production process of molding offers marvelous advantages:

  • The granulated cork to be processed is used in the exact needed quantity, thereby there will not remain any material residues
  • It is possible to mould high- and low profiles and design any molded parts
  • The fabrication method guarantees an automatized manufacture in the serial production

In the molding procedure, granulated cork (90%) is mixed into a mass with an ecological binder (10%) and heated in an oven at approximately 90°C-180°C. The production of a design-object takes approximately 5 minutes. Afterwards, it has to cool down for 18 hours until it can eventually be packed. This combination of granulated cork, binder, temperature and pressure allows a three-dimensional production.

We gladly offer to introduce this new procedure to you in a personal conversation. We look forward to hear from you.

Multicork-Solutions Molding Form
Molding by Multicork Solutions