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Cork blocks

Learning and playing with Multicork Solutions cork blocks

  • Our cork blocks for children are light-weight, low-noise and made out of high-quality, non-toxic material. Therefore, they create a sensible and sustainable challenging environment for children.
  • Due to the minimalistic design, the abstraction capability gets encouraged.
  • Cork blocks offer a stable construction and prevent sliding.
  • The risk of injury while playing with the cork blocks is very low due to their texture and light weight.
  • Different cork block forms complete possibilities to build many different, complex buildings, towers and bridges.

There are no limits for imagination – fun and a sense of achievement are guaranteed and strengthen the self-confidence of our children.

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Kork-Spielsteine bei Multicork Solutions

About Multicork Solutions

For more than 15 years, Multicork Solutions pursues the goal to integrate the natural product cork in different segments, from industrial cork to cork products for food to cork material for children’s toys, household and health.Our special passion is to manufacture children’s toys made out of a natural and a high-quality material. 

It is very important to us to take responsibility and support children on their right of free, healthy and trainable playing; thereby we are a member in social networks and support different projects financially and voluntary. Multicork Solutions works among others in partnership with charitable organizations in Germany.


Kork Spielsteine bei Multicork-Solutions

Why cork?

Material properties
Cork is a unique natural material, which is first harvested from the cork bark (cork tree) after 20 – 30 years of growth and then subsequently every 9 – 12 years.Through the peeling of the cork bark, which is done by hand, the cork oak binds three times more CO2 than unpeeled cork oaks and thereby reduces more CO2 than any other tree species. This means that during the peeling of the cork bark and the further processing, sustainability and responsible forest management are taken adequately into consideration. From an ecological view, cork oak supports the climate elementary.

High quality and safety
A high quality processing is one of our priorities in order to guarantee a long service life. Our cork blocks are manufactured and controlled under the REACH regulation. Our ecological cork blocks are made out of natural cork and coloured with harmless paint and conform to the European standard for toys EN-71. Our cork blocks are also suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Easy maintenance
Our cork blocks can be washed with hot water. In case of heavy soiling, a neutral “for children suitable” detergent can be added. If a block gets damaged, it can be grinded carefully. 


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Cork is a natural and a renewable resource, whose extraction is very eco-friendly. Multicork Solutions is FSC certified.


Multicork Solutions products consist of natural cork and are therefore 100 % recyclable. Our packings are made out of natural resources, too. Also, our packing contains no plastic.