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Boat deck cork

Cork is the best alternative to all traditional boat deck materials and especially regarding the quality a comparable alternative to hardwood, e.g. teak wood and other, synthetical products. Further, cork is not only beneficial from an economic standpoint, but it is also attractively priced due to a simple processing and laying possibility. The maintenance is also very simple, since cork is a versatile natural product.

Why cork?

The combination of best rubber- and cork characteristics and a special binder creates a high-quality floor covering for indoor and outdoor to moist exposed rooms. Cork is not only suitable for boat decks, but also for terraces, pools, landing stages, wellness centers and the like. The processing of the versatile material cork on deck does not only increase the noise reduction and the thermal insulation, but it also meets the requirements of the sustainable nautical construction with high-quality aesthetics.

Material Properties

  • natural material, attractive and decorative
  • weather- and seawater resistant
  • grippy in wet conditions
  • abrasion proof and wear resistant
  • weatherproof
  • lightweight and flexible
  • smooth and pleasant haptic feel
  • simple processing and maintenance
  • resilient and durable, therefore no complicated and expensive renewal every year
  • simple purification with water and mild detergents
  • 100 % natural product, recyclable

For the interior and exterior of decks, floors, stairs and walls this cork material is ideal. Due to the natural properties of the natural product cork our plates convince both visually and haptically.

Our boat deck cork is available in 2 Versions: 100% agglomerated cork and rubber cork mixture. The agglomerated cork is available as panels in 2.000 x 900 mm in standard thickness: 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. The rubber cork mixture is available as rolls in 1.000 mm x 5 mm x 13 m and 1.000 mm x 8 mm x 8 m.

How thick the cork should be is a personal preference issue. The thicker the cork, the more durable and sound-absorbing it is. Thin cork nestles better to contours and is cheaper. 8 mm is the optimum material thickness for boat deck cork recommended by us.

In addition to the untreated sheet and roll material, we offer semi finished bars, strips and finished jointed boards as deck coverings. The corresponding joint sealant is also available separately. Due to their flexibility, cork strips or cork rods are particularly suitable for precisely matching the line shape of the ship.

In addition, we manufacture complete cork decks according to your individual design, for example in rod deck construction, as semi-finished product or as finished product including assembly. We use the most modern technology for this: your measurement data and your desired design are processed on the PC. Our team then cuts the corresponding cover segments with a CNC machine and joints and grinds them by hand. It is your decision whether you will carry out the installation yourself or have it carried out by our partner shipyard.

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General care and maintenance

  • Installation: A sharp knife, a pen and a ruler are almost everything you need. Grinding tools can be helpful depending on how the end product should look.
  • Repair: With cork as boat deck covering there are only few difficulties. If damage should nevertheless occur, the problem is easy to solve: The damaged piece is cut out and simply replaced. Cleanly processed, the area will hardly be visible.
  • low contaminations have to be cleaned immediately with water, a mild detergent can also be used.
  • stubborn stains: mop, cleaning brush, pH-neutral detergent and water, possibly sandpaper with a high grain size for removal of mechanical damage.

We recommend

  • wearing appropriate shoes
  • not placing heavy furniture/items without putting a pillow underneath the furniture legs
  • not moving heavy items on the floor
  • avoiding aggressive liquids
  • not placing hot metals on the cork (cork is self-extinguishing and flame-resistant, but discolorations are possible)

XtreemCoat Sealer – Coating for boat deck cork

XtreemCoat Sealer is an optional coating for our boat deck cork. The basis of XtreemCoat Sealer is polyurethane with lightfast pigments. It is UV-resistant, diffusion-open and available in 3 different colors: nature, teak and mahogany (see pictures).

Advantages of the coating

  • gets through the material
  • strengthens the deck additionally
  • has a non-slip surface
  • deck will not turn grey
  • long durability

Further, it is possible to apply another coating called XtreemCoat Clearcoat on the XtreemCoat Sealer. This coating combination either provides a high gloss surface or an optional matt surface. This material is diffusion-open as well. With this coating, a long durability of 15 years without any major amount of maintenance work is achievable. The XtreemCoat Clearcoat is the perfect coating since it has a break of 335 %.

The 2 different color shades create different designs and surface structures.

XtreemCoat Sealer and XtreemCoat Clearcoat is now available at Multicork Solutions.

Multicork Solutions XtreemCoat Sealer

XtreemCoat Sealer “nature”

Multicork Solutions XtreemCoat Sealer

XtreemCoat Sealer “teak”

Multicork Solutions XtreemCoat Sealer

Coating XtreemCoat Sealer “mahogany” and XtreemCoat Clearcoat

Multicork Solutions XtreemCoat Sealer

Coating XtreemCoat Sealer inside “teak” and outside “mahogany” plus XtreemCoat Clearcoat high-gloss on the outside