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Cork textile

Cork is a renewable raw material with excellent talents: extremely lightweight, gentle and flexible; nevertheless very robust. Cork textile is a material which can be manufactured almost like leather. Therefore, it is often described as “cork textile”. Since cork is a vegan material, we have decided to use the term “cork textile” instead of “cork cloth” in German language.

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Range of application:

  • Bags and purses
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Yoga aid, e.g. yoga mats
  • Interior design
  • And much more


The procedure for the extraction and manufacture of cork textile is very complex. Only a few percent of the raw cork cuts from the bark are suitable for the manufacture. Cork textile can only be recovered from the middle part of the bark, provided it meets the high quality requirements of the manufacturers.

The cork sheet pieces of 1,5 cm thickness are intrinsically tied and permanently connected to larger cork sheets by using a natural organic adhesive according to the *REACH Regulation. Then these sheets are sliced with sharp blades for about one millimeter, prepared and applied on a backing material, mostly made out of cotton and polyester. The surface material is solvent-free as well as ecologically friendly according to the *REACH Regulation.

Material Properties:

Cork is a natural product. Therefore, differences in color and structure are a typical feature and give our products a distinctive appearance and a unique look. The manufacturing of natural cork is comparable to that of leather and the high quality presents itself of velvety character like tender skin and a light weight. Furthermore, the material is easy to clean, surface-impregnated and thereby also largely non-soiling and water-repellent.


Easy to care: Usually it is sufficient to wipe the cork textile moistly with a cloth dipped in soapy water.

Gamut of colors:

Each piece of cork textile has its own individual structure. Therefore, each product is a unique specimen. Our cork textile is available in the colors natural, black, orange, jeans blue, brown, white and green.

* Reach Regulation: Regulation for the Reform of Criminal and administrative fines for infringements of EC or EU regulations in the field of chemical safety.