About Multicork Solutions

Tanja Kattinger has been engaged in the raw material cork since 1998. Therefore, she decided to start her own business and founded Multicork Solutions in Bremen in 2003. In the past 14 years, we, Multicork Solutions, have grown into a company with a strong network, a passionate team and a wide range. Due to many years of experience with a diversified portfolio of cork products, we are able to react quickly and accurately to the interests of our clients at all times. 

In spring time 2012, we opened another office in Darmstadt in order to improve the support of southern Germany. 

Constant development close to the market and innovative development are self-evident for our dynamic company. This requires professional expertise, qualified consulting, fair pricing and customer-oriented service.

Our cork products are manufactured according to the guidance of the REACH Regulation and are subject to continuous quality inspections.
Therefore, we can ensure maximum product quality. Multicork Solutions is FSC certified since 2013.

Our aspiration:

  • Highest product quality guaranteed by continuous quality inspections and innovation
  • Sustainability due to considerate handling with cork-resources
  • Qualified, professional and custom-fitting consultation with the clients individual aspirations in mind
  • Continuous and profitable connections for both parties
Multicork Solutions Kork Detailaufnahme